Financial Policies and Procedures

In order to comply with university policy, please be mindful of the following information. If you have any questions regarding policy or procedure matters, please do not hesitate to contact the WEAI Finance Office. Also, please find useful forms and links in this section as well. 

  1. WEAI Business Procedures PowerPoint
  2. Columbia University Business Expense Policy
  3. Columbia University Travel Expense Policy

For CU Faculty, Students, and Staff please click here.

For Non-CU employees please click here.


  • Up to $25 for breakfast
  • Up to $35 for lunch
  • Up to $75 for dinner

(Excluding tax and up to 20% tip)


  • Up to $350 per night domestically
  • Up to $400 per night internationally


  • Economy class (Basic, Main, Plus) is expected to be purchased.
  • Business class can be reimbursed if there is a documented condition as to why an upgrade is necessary, or if the flight is in excess of 5 hours. If an upgrade is necessary, please obtain a quote for a round-trip economy flight as well at the time of booking and submit with your purchased ticket. The difference in airfare total will be documented.
  1. How To complete a Travel/ Business Expense Report (TBER)
  2. How to fill out personal information on the TBER form
  3. How to complete USD expenses on the TBER form
  4. How to use the “Extra Page” tab on the TBER form
  5. How to use the “Average Rate” tab on the TBER form
  6. How to do multiple currencies on the TBER form
  7. How to use oanda to convert currencies into USD
  8. How to do mileage on the TBER form
  9. How to complete the “Supplemental Approval Form”
  10. How to complete a missing receipts form (used for expenses $75 or more/ $25 for meals and if itemized receipt was lost)