Ann Marie Murphy

Ann Marie Murphy

Research Interest

International relations of the Indo-Pacific, Southeast Asian politics; transnational security issues
in Southeast Asia

Dr. Murphy’s research interests include international relations in Asia, Southeast Asian politics
and transnational security issues.   She is coauthor (with Amy Freedman) of Non-Traditional
Security Issues in Southeast Asia: the Transnational Dimension
, (2018) and co-editor (with
Bridget Welsh) of Legacies of Engagement in Southeast Asia (2008). Dr. Murphy’s articles have
appeared in journals such as Asian SecurityContemporary Southeast AsiaOrbisAsia Policy,
World Politics Review and PS: Political Science & Politics.  She has received research awards
from the Smith Richardson Foundation, the National Asia Research Program, the Social Science
Research Council, the Fulbright Scholars and is currently a Mansfield-Luce Asia Scholar. Dr.
Murphy serves on the editorial board of Asia Policy and is a cofounder of the New York
Southeast Asia Network (NYSEAN), a nonprofit initiative based at WEAI and funded by the
Luce Foundation; for more details, see 



Ann Marie Murphy and Amy Freedman, Non-Traditional Security Issues in Southeast Asia: the
Transnational Dimension
, (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 2018).

Ann Marie Murphy and Bridget Welsh, editors, Legacy of Engagement in Southeast Asia (Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2008).