Modern Tibetan Studies Program

The  Modern Tibetan Studies Program, established in 1999, was the first program in the West dedicated to teaching about the society, history, and culture of modern Tibet. It provides a range of courses and programs for undergraduate and graduate students who want to focus on modern Tibet studies; supports and carries out research on modern Tibetan society, history, and culture; runs study programs, educational projects and conferences in close collaboration with other institutions and scholars in the US and abroad; organizes exchange visits with Tibetan and Chinese scholars from Tibet and elsewhere; and maintains an extensive calendar of public events.

Over the years, Columbia has offered over thirty different courses on Tibet, with the majority of classes now focused on modern Tibet. In addition to coursework offered at the undergraduate level, Modern Tibetan Studies can be chosen as a concentration within the MA degrees in East Asian Studies in EALAC, in Religion, at the School of International and Public Affairs, or in Regional Studies–East Asia. At the PhD level, students can specialize in modern Tibetan studies within the departments of History, East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALAC), and Religion.

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