MARSEA (Master of Arts in Regional Studies-East Asia)

The MA in Regional Studies – East Asia (MARSEA) is an interdisciplinary, research-based program that provides students with graduate training in the study of modern and contemporary East Asia. The program, which is designed to be completed in one year but may be extended two, meets the needs of those entering professional careers, mid-career professionals, and students preparing for entry into doctoral programs or professional degree programs who seek to deepen their understanding of the region.

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WEAI Certificate

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute Certificate attests to specialized knowledge of a language and country of the Asia Pacific region. Students already enrolled in a masters or doctoral program at Columbia (excluding regional studies) may choose from among three certificate options: a focus on modern China, modern Japan, or modern Korea.

SIPA East Asia Regional Specialization

The East Asia regional specialization provides students in the School of International and Public Affairs with interdisciplinary training in politics, international relations, modern history, culture, and/or society of the region.

Related Degree Programs

Columbia University offers a variety of undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs for the study of East Asia. For more detailed information on each program, click on the relevant link below.