Maria Adele Carrai

Maria Adele Carrai

Research Interest

Legal history, Conceptual history, International relations, China foreign policy, US-China relations, China-EU relations, Law and development, Foreign direct investments

Maria Adele Carrai is an Adjunct Associate Research Scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and an Assistant Professor of Global China Studies at NYU Shanghai. She is a sinologist and political scientist with a strong interest in conceptual history and history of international law. Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, she was a recipient of a three-year Marie-Curie fellowship at the Leuven Centre for Global Governance – KU Leuven and a Fellow at Harvard University Asia Center.

Her book Sovereignty in China, A Genealogy of a Concept Since 1840 (Cambridge University Press, 2019) looks at the way Chinese intellectuals, political figures, and diplomats appropriated and articulated the notion of sovereignty in their foreign policy within the new discourse of international law in the period between 1840 to the present. By tracing a genealogy of the notion of sovereignty in China from the earliest introduction of international law until the present, the book provides a historical perspective through which to better understand the path China is taking as a normative actor within the international global order.

Along the line of her research on the history of international law in China, she has published various articles and book chapters. Selected publications include “China’s Unilateral Abrogation of the Sino-Belgian Treaty: A Case Study of a Deviant Transplantation” in Michael Ng and Zhao Yun, Chinese Legal Reform and the Global Legal Order: Adoption and Adaptation (Cambridge University Press, 2017); “Learning Western Techniques of Empire: Republican China and the New Legal Framework for Managing Tibet” in the Leiden Journal of International Law (2017); and “China’s Malleable Sovereignty Along the Belt and Road Initiative: The Case of the 99-year Chinese Lease of Hambantota Port” in the New York University Journal of International Law and Politics (2018). 

One of her new research projects investigates how China’s rise as a global power is shaping norms and redefining the international distribution of power. In light of the development of Belt and Road Initiative, she is looking in particular at the economic, legal and political repercussions of Chinese investments and economic engagement in Europe and Eastern Africa, where she conducted fieldwork supported by the Orrick Fellowship. She edited with Jan Wouters and Jean-Christophe DeFraigne the volume titled The Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance, that is forthcoming with the Edward Elgar Press. Her article “It Is Not the End of History: The Financing Institutions of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Bretton Woods System,” was published in Julien Chaisse and Jędrzej Górski’s The Belt and Road Initiative: Law, Economics and Politics (Brill, 2018).

Carrai completed her PhD at the University of Hong Kong where she was Swire Scholar, and a recipient of the Hong Kong Government PhD Fellowship and the Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student for 2015-16. She was a fellow at Columbia University’s Italian Academy, Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program, European University Institute of Florence, and New York University Law School.


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