Alex Eble

Alex Eble

Research Interest

Development economics; applied microeconomics; economics of education; China

Alex Eble is an Assistant Professor of Economics and Education at Columbia University’s graduate school of education, Teachers College. He works in the fields of development and applied microeconomics, and most of his research has to do with the economics of education in the developing world.

Professor Eble’s research agenda is to answer policy questions with rigorous evidence and economic theory and, in turn, to use those answers to substantially improve welfare in the developing world. Within this broad goal, his research focuses on three main themes: studying the distributional impacts of national education and health policy decisions, evaluating targeted interventions designed to help the most vulnerable, and improving our tools of causal inference.

Professor Eble is affiliated with Columbia’s Center for Development Economics and Policy, Committee on the Economics of Education, and Population Research Center. He is also a part of Effective Intervention, a group of researchers based at the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance working on how to raise education levels and reduce child mortality in pockets of extreme poverty in the developing world.

Professor Eble received an MSc in Development Studies from the London School of Economics and an AM and PhD in Economics from Brown University.

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