Painting Rainbows in Japan & South Korea - Event Recording

April 01, 2021

Two LGBTQ activists logged onto SIPA’s Zoom across the Pacific Ocean on March 25th. Kan, a Japanese activist, and Minhee Ryu, a South Korean activist, and lawyer, joined “Painting Rainbows in Japan & South Korea,” a panel discussion on LGBTQ activism organized by JASSA, Korea Focus, and Spectrum.

This event highlights multiple aspects of LGBTQ activism, from raising awareness to legal enforcement. Kan, an openly gay social media influencer, discusses his experiences challenging social norms and stereotypes. He also shares his views on multimedia's role in increasing LGBTQ representation. Meanwhile, Ryu, as a human rights attorney, provides deep insights on challenges in legal systems, such as sodomy law which criminalizes homosexuality in the South Korean military. She further discusses her efforts in legislating the anti-discrimination bill in South Korea.  

Two activists, while focusing on different aspects of activism, both emphasize how important it is to create alliances to mobilize social movements. They both remark that everyone can be an activist by making safe spaces for one another and recognizing one’s own privileges. Lastly, the moderator, Minji Ko, the vice president of Korea Focus, ended the event by sharing her hope “to spark more thoughts and ideas to create a more diverse and equitable society.”

Find the link for the full recording of the event here