AAS 2023 Guide

March 16, 2023

Columbia University at AAS 2023: A Guide

Thursday March 16


7:00pm-8:30pm SESSION A003: New Perspectives on the Great Leap Forward: Beyond Famine-Centered Narratives

Practicing the Epistemology of the Mass Line in Cinema: Collaborative Film Production in China’s Great Leap Forward – Ying Qian, Columbia University


7:00-8:30pm SESSION A007: Revisiting Chinese Labor History from a Perspective of Technology

Discussant: Dorothy Ko, Barnard College, Columbia University


7:00-8:30pm SESSION A015: Projecting Psychoanalysis Onto East Asia: A Transnational History of Twentieth Century Dialogues on Culture, Society, and Mental Health

Back to the Future: The Mythological Theories of Kawai Hayao (1928-2007) – David B. Lurie, Columbia University

Interpreting Authority: Growing Group Relations in Taiwan and Mainland China – Nicholas Bartlett, Barnard College, Columbia University


Friday March 17 


9:00-10:30am SESSION B026: Migration and Ethnic Rivalries in Japan’s Imperial Borderlands

Bonins of Contention: Beachcomber Citizenship in an Oceanic Borderland – Paul Kreitman, Columbia University


9:00-10:30am SESSION B036: The Lives and Afterlives of Three Royal Women of Vietnam from Dynastic to Nationalist Historiography

Princess Ngọc Hân from Symbol of National Unity to Contested Site of Counter-Memories in Postwar Vietnam – Vinh Quoc Nguyen, Columbia University


11:00-12:30pm SESSION C015: Scholarly Book Publishing in Asian Studies Since COVID-19 - Sponsored by AAS Editorial Board

Discussant: Jennifer Crewe, Columbia University Press


11:00-12:30pm SESSION C038: Islamic Authority in Southeast Asia: Constructions, Contestations, CounterPublics

Discussant: Verena Meyer, Columbia University


2:00-3:30pm SESSION D008: Governing Tibetan Culture in the People’s Republic of China

Discussant: Lauran Hartley, Columbia University


2:00-3:30pm SESSION D005: The Jebtsundamba Khutugtus: Material Practices of Trans-Asia in Premodern Khalkha

Chaired by: Gray Tuttle, Columbia University


2:00-3:30pm SESSION D031: The Sensoria of the Urban Environment: Unearthing Alternative Spatial Pathways across “Japanese” Media

Chaired by and discussant: Jonathan Reynolds, Barnard College, Columbia University


4:00-5:30pm SESSION E006: Music, Tradition Making, and Elite Cultural Identity in 10th-18th Century China

The Musical Performance of Social Status in Song China (960–1279) – Zach Berge-Becker, Columbia University


4:00-5:30pm SESSION E009: Cold War China and the Matter of Mass Culture

Media Mobilization: The Political Woodcut in Cold War Asia – David Xu Borgonjon, Columbia University


4:00-5:30pm SESSION E026: Anti-Imperialist Friendship: Socialist China and Third World Revolution in the Cold War

“Transform the Globe into a Large Flower”: Yang Shuo and Global Anti-Imperialism in Translation – Joanna Suwen Lee-Brown, Columbia University


Sunday March 18


8:30-10:00am SESSION F006: Making Chinese Propaganda, Shaping Societal Norms

Making Propaganda Sell: The Commercialization of the Patriotic Films in China – Linan Yao, Columbia University


8:30-10:00am SESSION F016: Boundless Translations: Religious Encounters in Transnational Asia

Combating External Threats and Legal Reinterpretation: Imperial Edicts and the Persecution of 1801 – Meng-heng Lee, Columbia University


8:30-10:00am SESSION F020: Global Easts: Imagined Histories and Geographies in Entangled Memories

Chaired by: Carol Gluck, Columbia University


8:30-10:00am SESSION F026: China/Taiwan/Hong Kong, Politics and Governance

From Kins to Comrades: Rural Clan Society and the Rise of Communism in China – Junyan Jiang, Columbia University


8:30-10:00am SESSION F027: Material Culture, Human-Environment, and Human-otherworld Formations

Old Women As Keepers of the Borders: Datsueba and Meng Po – Yiwen Shen, Columbia University


2:00-3:30pm SESSION G003: Is China Changing Inequality, or Is Inequality Changing China?

Expansion or Stagnation? Chinese Social Policy and Income Inequality 2013-2018 – Qin Gao, Columbia University


2:00-3:30pm SESSION G030: Gender and Theatricality in Premodern Japanese Performance

Objects of Attachment: Materializing Feminized Madness on the Noh Stage – Hana Lethen, Columbia University


4:00-5:30pm SESSION H002: Vibrancy and Innovation: Religious Moments during the Middle Period

Discussant: Robert Hymes, Columbia University


4:00-5:30pm SESSION H008: Becoming New “Men”: Socialism and Subjectivity in Chinese History and Culture, 1950s-1980s

Gendering the Socialist New “Man” in Maoist China: Gong (Public), Si (Private), and Shenghuo (Life) – Jieming Zhu, Columbia University


4:00-5:30pm SESSION H026: Reading Performances and Performing Readings in Late Edo Print Culture

Farces within a Farce: The Role of Kyōgen in Jippensha Ikku’s Hizakurige – Oliver White, Columbia University


Monday March 19


9:00 AM-10:30 AM SESSION K008: A Deep History of the Chinese Firm: Chinese Business Organization from the Eighteenth Century to the Reform Era

Chaired by and discussant: Madeleine Zelin, Columbia University


9:00 AM-10:30 AM SESSION K009: Sonic Entanglements: Familiar, Foreign, and Forbidden Sounds in Modern China

From Wind to Electricity: Telephone and the Rise of Private Voices in China, 1877–1944 – Jiaqi Wang, Columbia University

Free Listening: The Regulation of Sound and Its Failure in the Cultural Revolution – Yingchuan Yang, Columbia University


9:00 AM-10:30 AM SESSION K019: Transgressive Crossings: Claiming and Evading Jurisdiction across Borders in East Asia

Discussant: Paul Kreitman, Columbia University


10:45 AM-12:15 PM SESSION L005: Tibet and China: Transforming Empire to Nation-State on the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands

The Formation of Tibetan Buddhist Printing Network: The Qing Imperial Court and Local Monasteries on SinoTibetan Borderlands – Tenzin Yewong Dongchung, Columbia University


10:45 AM-12:15 PM SESSION L021: Politics and Culture in Japanese History

Bonds of Fealty and Fidelity: Male-Male Intimacy and Strategies of Warrior Alliance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Japan – Alexander Kaplan-Reyes, Columbia University


10:45 AM-12:15 PM SESSION L024: The Written Word in a Material World: South Asian Manuscript and Print Culture

Movable Type: Islamicate Influence in Gorakhpur’s Gorakhnath Temple Print – Christine Marrewa-Karwoski, Columbia University