Interview: China’s Influence and the Center-periphery Tug of War

March 04, 2021

In their new book, "China's Influence and the Center-periphery Tug of War," Brian C. H. Fong, Jieh-min Wu, and Andrew J. Nathan bring together a team of top researchers based in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indo-Pacific countries, to unveil the tug of war between China’s influence and forces of resistance in Hong Kong, Taiwan and selected countries in its surrounding jurisdictions.

From Routledge: "China’s influence has met growing defiance from citizens in Hong Kong and Taiwan who fear the extinction of their valued local identities. However, the book shows that resistance to China’s influence is a global phenomenon, varying in motivation and intensity from region to region and country to country depending on the forms of China’s influence and the balances of forces in each society. The book also advances a concentric center-periphery framework for comparing different forms of extra-jurisdictional Chinese influence mechanisms, ranging from economic, military and diplomatic influences to united front operations.

This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of comparative politics, international relations, geopolitics, Chinese politics, Hong Kong-China relations, Taiwan and Asian politics."

In this interview, Fong, Wu, and Nathan reveal their findings and the implications of these discoveries for future studies of China, the region, and beyond. Watch the full interview here.