MARSEA Student Marcus Tan Wins GSAS SynThesis Competition

May 16, 2022

Marcus Tan, a student in the Master of Arts in Regional Studies - East Asia (MARSEA) program, was selected as co-winner of the 2022 GSAS Master's SynThesis Competition for his thesis, “Panda Diplomacy: A Study of Chinese Diplomatic Discourse.” WEAI congratulates Marcus on this impressive achievement! 

Marcus studied history and politics at the University of Oxford, and his MARSEA specialization is in China. His research interests include global early modernity and its continued parallels and connections to contemporary international affairs. His thesis advisor is WEAI's Andrew Nathan.

Established in 2016, the annual GSAS Master’s SynThesis competition is an opportunity for MA students from across the Arts and Sciences to showcase their research and presentation skills in a relaxed and collegial environment.