Modern Tibetan Studies Program Publishes 20th Anniversary Report

December 22, 2020

More than two decades ago, a novel idea was born – to bring a contemporary focus to Tibetan studies. Upon its establishment in fall 1999, the Modern Tibetan Studies Program at Columbia University became the first academic program dedicated to modern Tibet. Now, twenty years later, we step back to survey the achievements of the Program and its unique contribution to the study of modern Asia, with an eye to the future. We are proud to publish the Modern Tibetan Studies Program 20th Anniversary Report.

This anniversary celebration report was produced as part of a 20-year program review led by Marta Jagusztyn, in collaboration with Gray Tuttle, Eveline Washul, and Stuart Wright. The main text of this report was drafted by Stuart Wright with invaluable contributions by Lauran Hartley, visionary support from Marta Jagusztyn, and insightful editing by Ariana King.

Thanks to all MTSP faculty and students, past and present, especially those who assisted in this project; and to the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and the C.V. Starr East Asian Library for their ongoing support.

Thanks also to all our external partner organizations (Rubin Museum of Art, Treasury of Lives, Latse) and individual scholars for participating in our project evaluation. And finally, thanks to the Luce Foundation and other funders, for making the first 20 years of the MTSP possible.

Read the full report here.