WEAI launches 2020 issue of The Reed in newly redesigned format

May 20, 2020

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute is pleased to announce the release of the Spring 2020 issue of The Reed.

Starting this issue, the long-running newsletter series is taking on a new format, with each issue curated around a specific topic determined by student essay contest.

This year, we congratulate GS student Jaimee Prass for her winning essay titled  “The Coronavirus and US-China Relations,” which established the COVID-19 pandemic as the theme of the 2020 newsletter.

The Institute also congratulates CC student Benjamin Guggenheim for his winning submission in the separate photo essay category, titled “Xenophobia, Racism, and the Virus: A Contextual History of Sinophobia in the United States.”

In addition to these two outstanding student contributions, this issue of The Reed also features commentary and opinion pieces from WEAI Professors Thomas J. Christensen and Paul Kreitman, CC alumnus Spencer Cohen, and PhD student Tianyuan Huang.

Read the new issue here.