Ann Marie Murphy writes on Islam in Indonesian foreign policy

December 08, 2020

In a report for the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Ann Marie Murphy discusses the limits of Muslim solidarity for the Rohingya and Uighurs.

"Indonesian policy toward the Rohingya pits the value of Muslim solidarity against three realist considerations: the importance of ASEAN’s non-inference norm, the value of ASEAN’s international image of solidarity, and the desire that Myanmar not fall too far into China’s orbit.  In the case of Indonesia’s democracy promotion efforts in Myanmar, values and realism pushed in the same direction. Indonesian policy was driven not only by a normative belief in democracy but also by pragmatic considerations that a more politically open Myanmar would be more stable, would reduce Western pressure on ASEAN, and would reduce Myanmar’s dependence on China as Western nations responded by lifting sanctions."  

Read the report here.